ACAPERSA 1997, S.L. was founded in 1997 when the director’s thought that the already overcrowded textile industry could still find room for a new finishing company with new ideas on product manufacture.

Initial activity was centred on raised fabrics in general, but over time the company has become more specialized in raising flannel and knitted fabrics.

We added to our finishing activities over the years to offer our clients the fullest possible range of services.

Currently, ACAPERSA 1997, S.L. has three finishing lines:

  • Raised (napped) fabrics (Flannel and knitted)
  • Finishes for interior decoration, upholstery, the car industry and bedding
  • Sheared fabrics (towelling)

The main objective of ACAPERSA 1997, S.L. has always been to offer our clients three basic precepts which are fundamental to any business: quality-service-price. To achieve these aims we are constantly evolving and incorporating the latest technology in machinery and the most up-to-date quality certificates for improvements and environmental protection.